Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Hello and welcome to my first blog. My name is R. G. Knighton and I would like to tell you all about my first E-book titled Timelock. The story its self was penned some seventeen years ago in a series of red school note books, in between customers at my Greeting card and gift shop. Being an avid reader of horror and adventure fiction novels and having a very active imagination I decided that it was not beyond the realms of impossibility that I could write one myself. The first thing I set about doing was to list all the things that scare me the most and what film scenes caused me the biggest fright. As a youngster the Hammer Horror films that probably would not scare many people today, even though fantastical in story offered a base realistic property to the setting that set them apart from the Hollywood films form the same era. With this in mind I built the story around a nightmare I once had and added everything that if I read myself would give the greatest chill.

The book was soon finished and being a pre E-book era, the only way to release my book to the masses was to get a publisher. Having a young family and the constant demands of running your own business, the book was soon forgotten and found its way into the bottom drawer of my bedside cabinet. That was until last year I read an article in a national newspaper how a woman published her book simply and free online at AmazonKindle books. She explained how many book sales she had achieved and recommended it to any other aspiring writers.

This lit the fuse and following the purchase of my first laptop computer I dug out my old manuscript and transposed it all into a crisp new digital format. Within three months, again in between customers at my shop, (Yes folks, I’m still there) I managed to complete my first fiction horror novel. The problem was that in my opinion it was woefully too short compared to the average novel of today so I changed the ending and converted my magnum opus into a two part story that converged as one in one thrilling finale. This second story took a lot longer to produce as instead of copying from hand written text, everything now had to come directly from the recesses of my old grey matter directly onto the page. Several months and numerous rewrites later, I am now able to announce that thebook is complete and online at the kindle book store for the incredibly lowprice of only £1.99. A small recompense I am sure for all the blood sweat and tears that went into this novel of which I am very proud and I hope you find a most enjoyable read.

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