Monday, 30 September 2013

For the last three long months I have been waiting to be released from the exclusivity of the KDP Amazon program, and now I am free at last. This gives me the opportunity to publish my masterpiece wherever I like, and Timelock is now available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and a host of other major retailers around the world. Although the program had some good promotion points, I felt stymied at not being allowed to send review copies to other organisations to help promote the book and this has in turn hindered its progression.
To fill in the time, I have been actively adding to my second fiction ebook entitled 'Hologram Dreams'. This latest tome is a slight change of direction for me, as it is a science fiction story set in a time twenty-five years from today and is focused on the dark underbelly behind the ultimate in entertainment for the mega rich in society.
It will be available sometime in the new year and hope that my style of writing will still entertain fans of my original book.

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